Best Bathroom Cabinets 2017 - Top Rated Bathroom Cabinets Reviews 2017

Modern technology and advancement has really brought a lot of changes in different areas in the households as well as the office. The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and also the toilets and the bathrooms have benefited greatly from this technology. The modern bathrooms have been pimped in such a way that they appear very different compared to the traditional bathrooms. From modern overhead showers, dehumidifiers, bath tubs, steam bathrooms, ceiling fans and also bathroom cabinets. Also referred to as a bathroom vanity, a bathroom cabinet is wooden equipment used to neatly hold bathroom hygiene products such as soaps, shampoo, and dettol among other things.

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Features to look out for when buying best bathroom cabinets

In order to ensure that you get the best bathroom cabinet for your bathroom, you need to consider the following features:

1. Cabinet quality

Best Bathroom cabinets come in four basic quality grades. RTA, stock, semi-custom and custom grades. RTA, also known as Ready To Assemble is the cheapest grade but has poor material and construction quality. Stock cabinetry is affordable but has fewer options in terms of door style, size and material used. Semi-custom cabinets have a wide range of door and drawer styles. Custom made cabinets is designed to fit any given space.

2. Cabinet type

There are two types of bathroom cabinetry that one can choose from: free standing style or built in style. Free standing cabinets are ideal for larger bathroom spaces. Built-ins are suitable for smaller spaces as they provide more countertop space and also storage.

3. Cabinet color and finish

Best bathroom cabinets are made out of metal, wood or even glass. They also come in different colors including mid-tone brown, white, black or even espresso finishes. However, one has the option of settling on the color they prefer. Ensure that the material and finish used can withstand excess moisture, heat and even water.

4. Cabinet drawer

The bathroom cabinet should have drawers which are thick enough most especially at the bottom. One should avoid stapled construction and one should ensure that the drawers are snug in their box.

5. Cabinet doors

The doors of the bathroom cabinet can be flush or can come with an elevated or inset central panel which can be arched, squared or even rounded. The doors are also available in different styles from craftsman to modern styles.

6. Cabinet height

The standard height of a bathroom cabinet is 32 inches, however modern height cabinets are raised up to 36 inches. This makes it easy to use the sink.

7. Sinks

Bathroom cabinets can have a single sink or double sinks depending on one’s preference and also the size of the family.

Benefits of bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are very important in the bathroom as it has a number of benefits which include:

  1. Bathroom cabinets provide more storage space for toiletries and items used for personal hygiene.
  2. With all or most items in the bathroom cabinet, it is easy to access them than if they were put at different places.
  3. A modern designed bathroom cabinet with modern finish can effectively compliment the decoration of one’s bathroom.
  4. With a bathroom cabinet, there is a great sense of neatness and organization in the bathroom.
  5. Most bathroom cabinets are long lasting as they are mostly made out of durable materials.


The best bathroom cabinets are very suitable for brushing one’s teeth, storing one’s personal effects thus making it easy to be accessed. Some of the examples of bathroom cabinets on Amazon include: Double door white bathroom cabinet, Small bathroom cabinet with sink . Visit Amazon and choose a bathroom that suits your needs as well as budget.

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