Best Steam Showers 2017 - Top Rated Steam Showers Reviews 2017

Technology and technological advancements have rally improved life in very many aspects. Today, almost every room in a household has the advantage of tasting the fruits of technology. From the living room to the kitchen, bedroom, washrooms and even bathrooms have something or item that depicts the perfect work of technology. In the bathroom, some of these things include bath tub, rain shower head, modern bathroom faucets and also steam showers. A steam shower refers to a type of bathing whereby a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor which is dispersed around one’s body. Best steam showers 2017 come in two forms: a built-in room or chamber and a modular unit that is a separate stand alone assemblage.

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Features to look out for in a Steam Showers 2017

Best Steam showers come with different distinct features which include:

1. Steam power generator

This is a very important feature in any steam shower. The generator is a machine that enables the system to produce steam. This generator has to be powerful and made from high quality materials which are long lasting.

2. Fan

Since the unit gets hot and steamy, a fan is a very important feature as it would help to supply oxygen so that one does not suffocate.

3. Showers

These units have showers for refreshing oneself. These showers can be hand held of overhead.

4. Control panel

This feature is very vital because it displays the menus that are used in controlling the unit. It has the switches for turning on and off the steam and also for controlling other features of the system.

5. Overhead lighting

Most of best steam showers have overhead lights so as to provide dim light while inside. The light is sufficient to increase your visibility while inside. They also bring warm effect into the steam shower.

6. Temperature controller

This feature is very essential as it is used for regulating the temperature in the unit. You can modify the temperature to be either high or low.

7. Aromatherapy and chromatherapy features

Most of best steam showers are equipped with aromatherapy feature which enables one to enjoy different scents. There is also a chromatherapy feature which deals with lighting. It provides the steams shower with ambient lighting that adds to the relaxing and enjoyable experience.

8. Fast-start

This is an important feature as it enables one to start the steam production process within a short period of time. It is very essential especially if you are in a hurry.

9. Wireless control

Some units come with remote controls which enable you to switch on or off the unit. It can also enable you control the temperature that you want.

10. Music features

Best steam showers 2017 come with a music feature which helps one to relax while in the unit. This can be through an FM radio or Bluetooth connectivity.

Benefits of Steam showers 2017

 The following are the benefits of best steam showers:

  1. A steam shower helps in improving one’s skin tone. It does this by cleansing the skin and increasing perspiration.
  2. The moist heat produced by a steam shower helps in widening the blood vessels; this in turn helps in reducing blood pressure and also improves blood circulation.
  3. Steam from steam showers help especially if you have sinus congestion as it offers relief by unblocking the sinuses thereby providing easier breathing.
  4. Steam showers helps in recovering especially from exercises as it helps in getting rid of metabolic wastes built up in one’s muscles.
  5. A steam shower is so rejuvenating and relaxing this greatly helps in reducing the level of stress in the body.


Best steam showers 2017 are suitable for improving one’s blood circulation. They are also suitable in relieving stress especially after a tiring day. Some of the best steam showers models on Amazon include: Ariel WS-902A Steam Shower, DZ962F8 Platinum Steam Shower, Bath Masters 8002 Spa Steam Shower. There are many more models and brands that one can choose from depending on the budget and also preference.



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