Ceiling fans without lights are an energy efficient way of cooling your home. They help give your rooms a look of sophistication while at the same time providing the much needed cooling and air circulation. Your electricity bill is bound to be lower if you are using a non-lighted fan as opposed to one that gives off light when switched on.

There are various factors to consider before deciding on which ceiling fan to purchase for your room. Here are five such factors:

1. Height between ceiling and floor

The distance between the ceiling and the floor should be an important consideration when buying a ceiling fan. If the ceiling is closer to the floor, consider buying a huge ceiling fan. Huge ceiling fans are usually installed very close to the ceiling. They are never left to dangle in the air. Because they are installed as close to the ceiling as possible, huge ceiling fans help give you more headspace. You can easily move around the room without the top of your head touching the ceiling. You can also easily carry out activities such as playing pool or table tennis among others.

2. Remote control

You should consider buying a ceiling fan that has a remote control system. Doing so will make things much more easier for you. With a remote control, you can easily switch on the ceiling fan without having to get up from wherever you are sitting. If for example you are in the middle of watching television and then the room suddenly becomes hot, you don't have to interrupt your television watching, you can just turn the ceiling fan on from the point of your seat. The same applies to a scenario where you need to switch off the ceiling fan.

3. Your room's design and decor

When choosing a ceiling fan, it is important to go for a fan that blends in well with the style and decor of the room for which it is intended. Does your room have classic decor? If so, go for a wooden ceiling fan because that goes well with classic decor. Are your room's furniture and accessories all white? If so, choose a white colored ceiling fan too.

4. Location of the fan

It is important to consider the place where the fan is going to be located before making a purchase. This is because different places have different weather conditions and a fan which is not customized for a particular weather may not be able to withstand it. You can for example not be able to efficiently use a fan that is meant for the living room on the patio. The patio is exposed to humid and wet conditions which the living room is not exposed to.

5. Your budget

You should have your budget in mind when seeking to buy a ceiling fan. Go for a quality fan but one that fits within the budget you have. Most fans are usually priced according to the number of their blades. You can get a good quality fan at the price of $100 or anything close to that.

You should own ceiling fans without lights

Ceiling fans are essential for the hot summer weather, the help cool the air thereby protecting you and your family from the sweltering heat. Most outdoor ceiling fans are electrically powered, they are usually connected to the AC and are switched on through a knob which acts as the switch. Ceiling fans work to cool a room through the process of air compression. The blades of a ceiling fan turn and push air downwards. This enables the room become cooler.

As a home owner, it is important to have a ceiling fan in place. The fan will help keep your room cool during hot days or nights thereby keeping you and your family or guests safe. A ceiling fan is certainly worth your investment.

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