Ceiling Fans With Lights - Top Rated Ceiling Fans Reviews 2017

Having a nice spacious and neat house can make one feel so fulfilled and also quite comfortable. Visitors will always love your place and will greatly boost your confidence and also sense of pride. However, this is not what is all needed for maximum comfort in a house hold both for your family and the guests. Adverse effects of global warming and climate change has brought about a lot of discomfort especially during the hot summer seasons. It makes people feel like stripping in order to feel at least cool. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue of many people as this discomfort can be countered effectively. The invention of ceiling fans with lights has become the greatest remedy for this problem. Some ceiling fans these days come with a lighting kit; this is such a good bonus.

ceiling fans with lights

Features of the best ceiling fans with lights

1. Size

Ceiling fans with lights come in different sizes. Their sizes are determined by the diameter of the circle the rotating blades make. Bigger rooms need larger fans with lights while the vice versa is true in smaller fans with light.

2. CFM

This stands for Cubic Feet of airflow per Minute. This is the wind feel effect or the cooling effect produced by the ceiling fan with light. A ceiling fan with lights require the highest CFM as possible for efficiency and also energy saving. This is because you won’t need to turn on your air conditioner.

3. Lights

Ceiling fans with lights come with light kits. These light kits can be bought in three different ways. These include: The kits can be integrated into the ceiling fan, come with the fan at the time of purchase or one may need to buy the kits separately. Most kits sold separately can be used on any type or model of ceiling fan.

4. Blades

There are different features of blades that cannot be overlooked. The larger the blades of the ceiling fan the better as they are able to move more air. In blade pitch, the greater the angle of pitch the more air the fan will move.

5. Motor size and power

The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan no matter the model. This is because it is the one responsible in determining how fast or slow the ceiling fan will be able to circulate air. A good motor should be of a considerable size and be very powerful. The motor should also be well enclosed so as to ensure that it does not easily get damaged.

6. Damp rating

This feature enables the ceiling fan with light to be able to be used both inside and outside the house. This means that it cannot be affected by any wetness from rain or even moist air.

7. Energy Star rating

This feature ensures that the ceiling fan with light does not consume a lot of energy when working. This greatly helps in cutting down the cost of electricity.

Benefits of the best ceiling fans with lights

 Ceiling fans with lights have a number of benefits which include;

  1. The best ceiling fans with lights are the helpful in saving energy since one does not need to put on the main lights at night.
  2. These ceilings fans help in cooling the house or even outside especially during the hot summer seasons.
  3. Ceiling fans with lights with the best motors are able to operate quietly thereby don’t disrupt people at night when sleeping.
  4. Ceiling fans that are damp rated can be comfortably utilized in the bathroom without fear of getting damaged.
  5. The best ceiling fans with lights that can work in reverse mode are very helpful during winter as they are able to warm the house.
  6. These ceiling fans that have light can boost the aesthetic value of your home since most of them have very beautiful finishes that can compliment your interior décor.


The best ceiling fans with lights are the most suitable option when in need of saving energy. This is because can utilize their light rather than switching on the main lights. These ceiling fans are also the best when it comes to decorating one’s house as they can compliment well with the interior décor. Some of this kind of ceiling fans on Amazon include:  Hunter Builder Deluxe Light Ceiling Fan, Alloy 42’’ Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan with light kit. Visit Amazon and make your choice depending on your budget and preference.

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