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Having a nice spacious and neat house can make one feel so fulfilled and also quite comfortable. Visitors will always love your place and will greatly boost your confidence and also sense of pride. However, this is not what is all needed for maximum comfort in a house hold both for your family and the guests. Adverse effects of global warming and climate change has brought about a lot of discomfort especially during the hot summer seasons. It makes people feel like stripping in order to feel at least cool. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue of many people as this discomfort can be countered effectively. The invention of ceiling fans with lights has become the greatest remedy for this problem. Some ceiling fans these days come with a lighting kit; this is such a good bonus.

Features of the best ceiling fans with lights

1. Size

Ceiling fans with lights come in different sizes. Their sizes are determined by the diameter of the circle the rotating blades make. Bigger rooms need larger fans with lights while the vice versa is true in smaller fans with light.

ceiling fans with lights

2. CFM

This stands for Cubic Feet of airflow per Minute. This is the wind feel effect or the cooling effect produced by the ceiling fan with light. A ceiling fan with lights require the highest CFM as possible for efficiency and also energy saving. This is because you won’t need to turn on your air conditioner.

3. Lights

Ceiling fans with lights come with light kits. These light kits can be bought in three different ways. These include: The kits can be integrated into the ceiling fan, come with the fan at the time of purchase or one may need to buy the kits separately. Most kits sold separately can be used on any type or model of ceiling fan.

4. Blades

There are different features of blades that cannot be overlooked. The larger the blades of the ceiling fan the better as they are able to move more air. In blade pitch, the greater the angle of pitch the more air the fan will move.

5. Motor size and power

The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan no matter the model. This is because it is the one responsible in determining how fast or slow the ceiling fan will be able to circulate air. A good motor should be of a considerable size and be very powerful. The motor should also be well enclosed so as to ensure that it does not easily get damaged.

6. Damp rating

This feature enables the ceiling fan with light to be able to be used both inside and outside the house. This means that it cannot be affected by any wetness from rain or even moist air.

7. Energy Star rating

This feature ensures that the ceiling fan with light does not consume a lot of energy when working. This greatly helps in cutting down the cost of electricity.

Benefits of the best ceiling fans with lights

 Ceiling fans with lights have a number of benefits which include;

  1. The best ceiling fans with lights are the helpful in saving energy since one does not need to put on the main lights at night.
  2. These ceilings fans help in cooling the house or even outside especially during the hot summer seasons.
  3. Ceiling fans with lights with the best motors are able to operate quietly thereby don’t disrupt people at night when sleeping.
  4. Ceiling fans that are damp rated can be comfortably utilized in the bathroom without fear of getting damaged.
  5. The best ceiling fans with lights that can work in reverse mode are very helpful during winter as they are able to warm the house.
  6. These ceiling fans that have light can boost the aesthetic value of your home since most of them have very beautiful finishes that can compliment your interior décor.


The best ceiling fans with lights are the most suitable option when in need of saving energy. This is because can utilize their light rather than switching on the main lights. These ceiling fans are also the best when it comes to decorating one’s house as they can compliment well with the interior décor. Some of this kind of ceiling fans on Amazon include:  Hunter Builder Deluxe Light Ceiling Fan, Alloy 42’’ Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan with light kit. Visit Amazon and make your choice depending on your budget and preference.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights 2016 - 2017

So on a concluding note, summers now are not just about sweat and heat anymore, go wench out in open surroundings in the most stylish way ever. The trend of the outdoor ceiling fans have been forever increasing since the day the invention has taken place. Nevertheless with increasing demands new integrated ways of presenting the dual combination of lights and fans have only added to the style quotient. While several factors like blade size, type of ceiling fan and the place where it needs to be installed have to be kept in mind, but a proper knowledge of these ideas will only make people grow more fonder of the surroundings.

So next time you want to plan that small birthday party for your kids in open or want to give a shout out to your appraisal by inviting few colony friends do not think much about what time of year it is. Plan perfectly with good knowledge of ceiling fans and play cool in that scorching heat because style and summer are new combination. All you need is the little dedication and investment of time in the knowledge of the outdoor ceiling fans and there on you can have perfect venue for all your fun activities.

With the scorching summer heat on its alarming high rates, it has become indispensable for a common man to use other sources of air than the nature. And nevertheless the increasing rates of pollution, heat and global warming have only added to the situation. What leads a common man to think is how he can get good levels of oxygen outdoors. In this era of technology we are no way far behind any development that can lead us to satisfy ourselves into a self made worlds of luxuries. This is where a great invention comes to the mind of the human beings - Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

No doubts, the technology has further advanced to many new prospects of air conditioners and air coolers but no one can deny the fact that ceiling fans have their own indispensable role to play. Why they remain unmatchable is because not only they provide cool breeze but they also play the vital role of adding the beauty to the hall, outdoors, corridors, etc wherever they are placed.

What factors it is to be decided that what outdoor ceiling fans fits in where?

On those muggy summer days, an outdoor ceiling fan may be a must-have for your favorite relaxation spot. If you love spending time on your porch or patio but the humidity just gets to be too much, an outdoor ceiling fan might be the answer to those restful afternoons in the yard. But it is important to choose the right fan for your setting, and there are several factors that must be considered before making your final purchase.

This is one question which if answered properly can make you use this innovative device not only for one purpose, but it may help to add several beautiful feathers to its cap also. One should keep certain factors in mind before buying a ceiling fan. The place where you want to place the ceiling fan plays the most important role. We all are aware that different rooms are used for different purposes, so it will be obviously very wasteful if we will use a small size fan in a big room. So from here we derive our very first conclusion that size of the room plays a very important factor in determining which type of ceiling fan needs to be bought. Ideally outdoor ceiling fans are distributed into three categories

  • Wet rated fans for open locations
  • Damp rated indoor ceiling fans
  • Rust resistant fans.

These three categories are broadly used to identify the key fact that where the ceiling fans need to be used. Wet category fans can be used ideally in any outdoor locations because they can be exposed to water with no harm. Damp ceiling fans are largely used in the indoors as they are not equipped enough to resist water and rains. The third category of Rust fans are largely used in areas where air has large salt content in it. Rust fans can be used in locations where air is salty as it prevents the wings of the fans from getting oxidised. Such areas are usually near oceans.

Once being decided on what place the ceiling fan needs to be installed the next typical question that should be there in the mind of any individual before buying it should be that what should be the size of the installed fan. Ideally in this category as well the ceiling fans are widely divided into four categories viz Large sized, Standard sized, Medium sized and Small sized.

  • Large sized fans are usually used with areas of size 15' x 15' or more . These fans have specially designed blades of 60". For larger rooms it is advisable to see the fans with 7000 CMF.
  • The standard ceiling size fans are used for places that fall under size 12'x12' and so on. These can be ideally used in for ares like open cafe and small sea side parties with little conjunctions.
  • Medium sized ceiling fans are the most widely used fans. They are ideally designed for any place that has dimensions 10'x10' and so on. Generally these have much use in indoors but outdoors also it can be used in open lawn gardens or yoga cubicles.
  • The last category that is the small sized fans are used in areas with dimensions 6' x 6' or less. These can be used in open ventilator structures, walk-in closets for kids etc.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

Latest trend which has been introduced these days is related to the ceiling fans that come with a bobble of light installed within it. Apart from adding to the beauty of the fan it also adds a style and feature to the room where they are installed. This not only enhances the abilities of the place but also saves the wiring and electricity work in the room. Fans are now available with several features and this is what has made their designs to evolve over a period of time now. Colour matching themes of Outdoor ceiling fans with lights and LED's is becoming a new fashion. You just have to ensure a place outside, a corresponding appropriate sized fan and jingle the lights can very well associate with the fans to decorate your place into a magical one. This combination can have several advantages like long life validity, energy efficient, ecologically friendly, durable quality, design flexibility, low voltage and many more.

Fan Size

A tiny fan would look silly in a large space, wouldn't it? Not only that, but it wouldn't be very effective for moving air. It's important to choose the appropriate fan size for the room or space to ensure that your fan not only looks the way it should, but also gets the job done. Here are some guidelines for choosing the proper fan size according to the size of the space:

  • Room size of 75 square feet = Fan size should be 29-36 inches
  • Room size of 76-100 sq. ft. = Fan size should be 36-42 in.
  • Room size of 144-225 sq. ft. = Fan size should be 44 in.
  • Room size of 225-400 sq. ft. = Fan size should be 50-54 in.

Fan Height

Another important factor to take into consideration is the height that the fan will be from the ground. As a rule of thumb, the fan blades should be at least eight feet above the floor. This means that if the ceiling is nine feet high, you should have a downrod of only about six inches between the ceiling and the fan. This will prevent the fan blades from being closer than eight feet to the ground. Here are some guidelines for choosing the appropriate downrod length according to the height of your ceiling:

  • Ceiling height of 9 ft. = Downrod length should be 6 in.
  • Ceiling height of 10 ft. = Downrod length should be 12 in.
  • Ceiling height of 12 ft. = Downrod length should be 24 in.
  • Ceiling height of 14 ft. = Downrod length should be 36 in.
  • Ceiling height of 16 ft. = Downrod length should be 48 in.
  • Ceiling height of 18 ft. = Downrod length should be 60 in.

UL Rating

The UL rating for a fan stands for "Underwriters Laboratories," which is an organization that specializes in product testing and safety. The UL rating for a fan will fall into one of three possible categories: Dry, Damp, and Wet.

Dry Rating

If a fan has a dry rating, that means it is designed for indoor use only and should not be used outside. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your patio or porch, be sure to avoid all fans with a dry rating, as they will be quickly destroyed by moisture and other outdoor elements that they were not meant to endure.

Damp Rating

A fan with a damp rating is great for covered outdoor areas such as a carport, but these fans should not be used in any place where they might come into direct contact with water. Damp rated fans are made with materials that can handle moisture, but these fans will still be susceptible to rust and corrosion if they get wet.

Wet Rating

Finally, a fan with a wet rating is weather resistant and can endure all outdoor applications. If there is a chance your fan will get rained on, snowed on, or otherwise touched by the elements, choosing a fan with a wet rating is your safest bet. The finish on the fan blades and motor casing will protect them against rust and corrosion.


It is important to decide how much light you will want your fan to give off when it gets dark. If you like to sit on your patio and read late into the night, you might want to choose a fan that can accommodate a more powerful bulb strength. If you are more interested in sitting on the porch at twilight sipping a glass of wine while you watch the cars go by, a more subtle light might do the trick, and won't give off a level of brightness that is over the top or shocking to the eyes.

Lighting is essentially a matter of preference when it comes to illuminating your outdoor space. It is important to choose something that fits your needs. If your outdoor space serves a variety of uses, it might not be a bad idea to choose a light with a dimmer switch, allowing you to increase or decrease brightness as desired. This leaves your options open and allows you to be more flexible.


As with most appliances, there are a number of accessories to factor in as you consider your purchase. These bells and whistles can make life a little bit easier.

Angled Ceiling Adapter

This is an important accessory to consider if the ceiling of your outdoor space is slanted or at an angle, rather than flat. You will want to consider an adapter that will be mounted to the downrod, so that your fan will be straight and also securely attached to the ceiling.

Adjustable Downrod Poles

These will allow the height of your fan to be re-adjusted as you see fit. Perhaps you would like to move your fan a little higher or a little lower for certain occasions or needs. With a non-adjustable pole, this would not be possible. An adjustable downrod pole adds that little bit of extra flexibility.

Remote Control

Choosing a fan that can be activated by remote control can make or break the perfect relaxation setting. With a remote control, you can change your fan's settings and speed, or turn it on and off, without getting up from your seat or moving a muscle. Now that's relaxation! A remote control is definitely something to consider for your outdoor space - it's a little feature that can go a long way.

Pull Chain

Most fans that you have seen - both indoor and outdoor - have a pull chain. This is one way of adjusting the fan speed and turning your fan on and off. Now it is also possible to find novelty pull chains that complement or match your setting - for example if you have a patio with a beach or luau theme, you might consider having a pull chain to match your surroundings.

Buying a fan is a big decision with many factors to consider. As you browse your options, don't forget to consider things like size, height, UL rating, lighting, and special features. Overall, the most important thing is to choose a fan that will suit your needs and the needs of your outdoor space, and hopefully now you feel a bit more equipped to begin making that decision. BTW, If you want to buy bathroom exhaust fan you can check this website..

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