With the increased adverse effects of global warming and climate change, there is need for people to look for the best ways to counter this problem. Such effects include; very high temperatures during summer, and extremely low temperatures in winter. Such conditions expose one to hazardous skin irritations that may include rashes, blisters and scaling, skin cracks, among others. This is where a ceiling fan comes in handy as a remedy to all these. Apart from the main function of ceiling fans which is circulating air and regulating temperatures during summer and winter, these appliances have nowadays become essential for decoration purposes. A well chosen color and design of a ceiling fan can play a big role in accessorizing and complementing the interior décor of a room. There are different colors and designs that one can settle for depending on their interior design artwork, but for now we will focus on black ceiling fans and white ceiling fans. The individual choice and premise compatibility of one these two fan types depends on a variety of factors.

Factors to consider when selecting black ceiling fans

With different models, price limits and also brands of black ceiling fans in the market, one needs to put into considerations a number of factors before settling for a black ceiling fan. These factors include:

black ceiling fan

1. Ceiling color

Do you want the ceiling fan to be easily visible or not to be noticed? If you want your ceiling fan to be visible or noticed easily, then ensure that the ceiling color is a brighter color preferably white. This will make it noticed easily. If you don’t prefer your guests noticing that you have a ceiling fan, then you can make your ceiling darker. For example if it has a brighter color, you can paint it to a darker one most preferably black. 

2. Shades

Consider the shade of black you want for your ceiling fan. In case you want your black ceiling fan to match with your black sofa sets, then ensure that the shade of black of your sofa sets will be the same as the shade of black ceiling fan you select. This can be achieved through taking a photo of your couches and matching them with the shades of black ceiling fans that are available.

3. Material

Before selecting your black ceiling fan, consider which material you would want. Should the blades be from ebony wood, canvas, plastic, metal or even glass? This will depend on your personal preference and maintenance needs. Ceiling fans made out wood of are very durable, but having a ceiling fan whose blades are made out of glass feels classy. Choose according to your preference.

4. Appearance

If you want your black ceiling fan to have a shiny finish, then you can consider selecting a black ceiling fan that best fits your needs. The blades can be made out of wood but can still appear shiny. If you are in for a non-shiny black ceiling fan, then select one that does not have a shiny finish.

5. Permanency of color

Ensure that the black ceiling fan you select has a permanent black color such that it will not fade away or even peel. In this you should ask for help from the sales person to advice you on which black is the best and permanent. You should also insist on the warranty period such that if the ceiling fan’s color starts to peel or fade away before warranty elapses then it can be replaced.


Factors to consider when selecting a white ceiling fan

1. Maintenance

Anything that is white gets dirty easily and a white ceiling fan is no exception. Once you have decided to buy a white ceiling fan, ensure that you dust or clean frequently for it to appear elegant and also for it to be well maintained and perform better.

white ceiling fan

2. Interior decor

Ensure that the colors that you have used for your interior decor can be perfectly complemented by your white ceiling fan. If you want your living room to appear brighter, then you can paint your walls white and also your ceiling. These will complement well with a white ceiling fan. If you want to contrast your white ceiling fan from the ceiling and the walls, then you can have a darker color on the walls and the ceiling.

3. Shade

Ensure that you get the right shade of white color for your ceiling fan. The right shade will make the ceiling fan appear more appealing and it will also be well complemented or contrasted depending on one’s preference.

4. Durability

Depending on the material used to make the fan, you can decide which is very durable for you. Is it a white ceiling fan made of wood, glass, metal or even canvas?

5. Location

Since a white ceiling fan can easily attract dirt or water marks, consider where the ceiling fan will be installed. If it is in the bathroom, ensure that it is installed some few meters away from the shower. This will help to avoid dirty water sprinkling on it hence leaving dirty water stains.

These are just some of the factors to consider when selecting black and white ceiling fans, but one can consider more factors.


Benefits of having a black ceiling fan

The following are some of the benefits of having a black ceiling fan.

1. A black ceiling fan is easy to maintain since it does not need frequent cleaning. This is because one cannot easily see dirt or water marks on it due to its color. Though this does not mean you should never clean it.

2. In case your walls and ceiling are white or have a brighter color, a black ceiling fan will perfectly bring out a great contrast and also break the boredom of a single brighter color.

3. A black ceiling fan brings out the feeling of elegance and power to the occupants of the home. This boosts their confidence.

4. If your aim is for your guests not to establish that you have a ceiling fan but just have its effect, then a black ceiling fan will work well for you. But this is only when your ceiling is painted black or has a dark color.


Benefits of having a white ceiling fan

1. Having a white ceiling fan in your house gives your guests the impression of how clean you and your house are. This is because white requires frequent cleaning and only a clean person can manage.

2. If you have used darker colors for your interior decor, a white ceiling fan will bring great contrast and also make the other colors in your decor stand out.

3. In case you have settled for an all white interior decor, having a white ceiling fan will be a plus for you. This is because an all white decor is associated with luxury. Remember, some household equipment like ceiling fans are normally associated with luxury especially where environmental conditions are conducive. Therefore, one will be considered more privileged and luxurious than others if he/she possesses a white ceiling fan which may be clearly visible to visitors within a dark or dull ceiling.

4. A white ceiling fan brings out serenity in your home, thereby adding to its aesthetic value.

5. Light supplementary

A mounted series of well painted snow-white ceiling fans can act as supplementary source of natural lighting especially in dark spaces with insufficient lighting.



Examples of black and white ceiling fans

1. Westinghouse 7801665 Comet 52’’ Reversible ceiling fan (Black)

This ceiling fan is 52’’ appropriate for an 18x20 feet room. It is black in color with an airflow capacity of 5,199 CFM. It is of good quality because it comes with a two year warranty on its parts and a lifetime motor warranty. The fan also has a frosted bulb for lighting and it also boasts of a capacitor, a reversible switch for summer and winter.

2. Hampton Bay Hugger 52’’ Ceiling Fan (White)

This ceiling fan has white blades which are five in number and can be used both in summer and winter season. It is effectively designed for low ceilings of 8 feet and below. To ensure that it is noise free, it comes with a multi-capacitor. It has an airflow capacity of 4670CFM and a top-notch motor.

3. Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Three-Blade Ceiling Fan (Black)

This ceiling fan has three blades which are seasonally reversible and can work effectively. Black in color, this ceiling fan has an energy usage capacity of 51 watts and an airflow capacity of 4083 CFM. It also has a permanent motor warranty and two years on the other parts. It is ideal for a voltage of up to about 120V and it is a 42’’ sized suitable for rooms that measure 12x12 feet.

4. Hunter 51059 Flush Mount 5-blade 42’’ Ceiling Fan (White)

This bright white ceiling fan of flush mount model designed for low ceilings of 8 feet and less. It comes with a noise free three-speed motor to ensure quieter operation. The fan is made of metal with 120 Voltage and 57.4 Wattage. It comes with an airflow capacity of 2902 CFM for a fast air circulation.

There are many more varieties of black and white ceiling fans depending on your needs and your budget. Visit amazon.com or any other outlet and make your choice.


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