Best Bathroom Vanities 2017 - Top Rated Bathroom Vanities Reviews 2017

Modern bathrooms are still way ahead in many ways and styles as compared to convectional bathrooms. Due to modern technology and inventions, a bathroom is not only a place where  people go to clean themselves but a luxurious place that needs a lot of renovations so that it can be attractive at the same time enhance the aesthetic value of one’s bathroom. Apart from modern bath tubs, showers, sinks among other things, best bathroom vanities 2017 are also very important in any bathroom. What is a bathroom vanity? Also known as a bathroom cabinet, a bathroom vanity refers to a wooden cabinet that is used hold hygiene products such as soap, dettol, and shampoo among other important items required in te bathroom.

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Features to look out for in the best bathroom vanities 2017

The following are the basic and important features that one should look out for when in need of buying a bathroom vanity:

1. Number of Sinks

Bathroom vanities can come with a single sink or with double sinks. Single vanities are the best for small bathrooms. Double vanity is essential most especially if the bathroom is a family one or a shared one.

2. Mounting style

There are three types of bathroom vanities depending on the mounting style. These include: free standing which resembles a chest or buffet, Wall mounted which hangs on the bathroom’s wall and Corner-mounted vanity which perfectly fits into a corner in the bathroom.

3. Drawers

Bathroom vanity drawers should be thick enough especially at the bottom. The drawers should be able to open quietly and also glide smoothly.

4. Material

Solid wood vanities are very durable while rubber wood vanities are also feasible with 90% strength of Oak wood. Other material options include metal and glass. The best materials for bathroom vanities should be one that is heat, water and excessive moisture resistant.

5. Bathroom vanity height

A standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inches, though modern comfort height vanities are raised a few inches to 36. This enables one use the sink without having to bend.

6. Style

Bathroom vanities come in different styles which include modern, antique, transitional, furniture style among others. The style of the vanity you settle for should complement the rest of your bathroom décor.

7. Type of sinks

Bathroom vanities can assume different types and shapes of sink depending on the vanity’s style. The sinks can be Undermount, Self-rimming or even a Vessel type of sink.

Benefits of the best Bathroom Vanities 2017

Having the best bathroom vanity in the bathroom has a number of benefits which include:

  1. Best bathroom vanities 2017 come with mirrors, sinks and counter space which encourages and provides easier personal grooming.
  2. A bathroom vanity provides more space for placing personal care items such as tooth brushes, dental cares supplies among other things. This greatly creates convenience as one can easily reach their personal items.
  3. The additional counters from the bathroom vanities bring about a great sense of organization and neatness to the bathroom.
  4. A modern designed bathroom vanity compliments the bathroom décor while at the same time boosts the aesthetic value of the bathroom.
  5. Best bathroom vanities give one a sense of comfort and luxury.


The best bathroom vanities 2017 are suitable for enhancing personal grooming as most of personal care items are easily accessible. Bathroom vanities enhance bathroom organization and neatness. With a good bathroom vanity, more space is created for storing other sanitary items in the bathroom. Examples of the bathroom vanities found on Amazon include: OVE Georgia 42 inch Bathroom Vanity, Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Sink. Look for more options from Amazon and other outlets at prices and styles of your choice.

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