For anyone to be comfortable and also well composed in a room of any building, the temperatures should be optimal. That is not too high temperature and not extremely low temperatures. These days due to adverse effects of global warming and also climate change, temperatures have really gone up. This is worst especially during summer season. With elevated temperatures, it is not easy for one to enjoy their daily life due to the discomfort it creates. So as to counter this heat problem, it is convenient to install a suitable ceiling fan which will help in reducing the temperature. For houses that have a low ceiling, the best type of ceiling fan is referred to as a flush mount ceiling fan. This fan is also known as a low profile or a hugger ceiling fan. It is mostly ideal for ceilings that are 8 feet and below.

flush mounted ceiling fan

What to look for when purchasing a flush mounted ceiling fan

The current market is flooded with many brands of flush mounted ceiling fans such that it gets very cumbersome to select the best ceiling fan. To get the best flush mounted ceiling fan you need to consider the following factors:

1. Height

Hugger ceiling fans or commonly known as flush mount ceiling fans are designed for lower ceilings than the standard ceilings. Therefore ensure that you select a ceiling fan based on the height of the ceiling. If your ceiling height is 8 feet choose a ceiling that can fit this height and so on. The ratio should be 1:1.

2. Energy Saving

Select a ceiling fan that is Energy Star Rated so as to save you from an insignificant increase of electricity bill. This is because Energy rated fans are known to use less energy.

3. Room size

To avoid inconvenience and also inefficiency, ensure you settle for a low profile fan size that is relative to the size of your room. A smaller room requires a smaller fan while a larger room will work best with a larger fan. This will save on energy usage and also avoid inefficiency.

4. Air flow capacity

Settle for a ceiling fan that has the highest CFM (cubic feet per minute) also referred to as air flow, as this will ensure more air flow and thus a higher cooling effect.

5. Blades

Choose a flush mount ceiling fan that has less blades. Less blades will be able to rotate faster since they are lighter hence creating a faster cooling effect. This is not the case with a hugger fan that has many blades.

6. Decor

Settle for a ceiling fan that blends well with your interior decor. This will make the room look more appealing comparing to one that does not match your decor.

7. Installation

Ensure that you read the instructions for installation carefully so that you get the best results after installing. If you are not able to do it on your own, it is advisable to seek help.

8. Quality

Settle for a good quality ceiling fan as this will ensure long life of the fan. Good quality can be determined by the length of warranty offered by the manufacturer, or customer reviews.

9. Budget

Before settling for a given brand of the ceiling fan, consider the amount you have planned to spend and select a brand that fits your budget.

10. Price

To ensure that you get the best flush mount ceiling fan at the correct price, compare the prices of your preferred model from different shops. This will enable you to buy your fan at an ideal price. Putting the above factors and many more into consideration will enable you enjoy the following benefits from your ceiling fan:


Benefits of a flush mount ceiling fan

1. Hugger ceiling fans help in lowering higher temperatures during summer. This makes the occupants of a house very comfortable. 

2. Since there are many different designs and models, these ceiling fans can enhance a household decor to appear more serene.

3. Low profile ceiling fans come in handy to people whose houses have lower ceilings such that the standard ceiling fans cannot fit.

4. Since the fan is mounted on the ceiling, the floor space is spared for other purposes. This is opposed to stand fans.



Flush mount ceiling fans are most suitable for houses that have lower ceilings such that other standard ceiling fans cannot fit. The ceiling fan is suitable for cooling rooms especially during hot summer seasons. These hugger ceiling fans are also suitable in complementing interior decor as long as it blends with that decor. There are a number of these ceiling fans that can be purchased from

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