Best Gallon Fish Tank & Aquarium (5, 10, 100, 20, 200, 30, 40, 55, 150)

Also known as a fish aquarium, a gallon fish tank refers to a container of any size that at least has a transparent side in which water-living animals or plants are kept and displayed. An example of such animals kept in an aquarium is fish. Fish gallon tanks are such a beautiful and unique way in which one can decorate their space. These fish gallon tanks come in different sizes, styles and even shapes just to give you want you envision. Fish are often chosen as pets due to their relatively low maintenance need and also the peace they create in your space.  Due to these, they make excellent pets for owners of any age group. Fish tanks come in different types which include: Freshwater, Cold water, Marine aquariums, and Brackish fish tanks.

100 gallon fish tank

How to choose Gallon fish tank

Though having fish pets require relatively low maintenance, with many different kinds of gallon fish tanks available, it is very essential to know how to choose the best for your fish pets. The following are some of the features and factors that one should consider before settling for a given gallon fish tank:

1. Size of the gallon fish tank

The size of the fish tank determines the number of fish that it can comfortably accommodate. A bigger gallon fish tank is better as accommodates more fish. On the other hand, it is easier to clean a smaller gallon fish tank. No matter what you choose, make sure that the tank is large and stable enough for your pets.

2. Filtration equipment

Filters are very essential when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your gallon fish tank. Although most of fish tanks come with their in-built filters, there are others in which one needs to buy the filters separately. More knowledge is needed in order to determine the best. A fish tank with an already installed filter is not only cheap but also convenient.

3. Fish tank lighting System

Most gallon fish tanks come with live plants which require adequate light so as to process food meant for the fish. It is therefore vital to choose the type of lighting system that produces enough light that will enable the plants manufacture food. Most gallon fish tanks come with LED lights that can be customized for decoration purposes.

4. Type of construction

The type of construction of the gallon fish tank will determine how it will last. Compare the different types of gallon fish tanks available in order to know the type of material used. This will enable you determine which is the most durable.

5. Cost and type of fish

The initial cost of purchasing the gallon fish tank and the type of fish you need is mostly high. However, the maintenance of the tank and the fish can be cheaper based on the type of tank you purchase and also the fish types. Different species have different prices therefore it is vital to determine the species you want. This should be done even before purchasing your gallon fish tank.

Different sizes of gallon fish tanks and the type of fish species they are suitable for:

5 gallon fish tank

A 5 gallon fish tank is holds approximately 18 liters of water. Also known as the cube, this is the smallest size aquarium that can be used to accommodate pet fish. It usually limits the size and species of fish that one can decide to keep. These 5 gallon fish tank cannot affect most of the fish species due to their adult sizes after growing or how active most species are. Therefore it is mostly easy to keep other animals which are invertebrates rather than fish. The only species that is suitable for this tank is mostly Betta fish which has a small size even in adulthood.
Other species that can be accommodated here include: Least killifish, Dwarf crayfish, Cherry Shrimp, Thai micro crab and Nerite snail. These fish tanks can also be very suitable for aquatic plants such as Anubias nana. The following are some of the examples of 5 gallon fish tank found at Amazon: 5-Gallon API Panaview Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit among others.

Pros of 5 gallon fish tank

  1. This type of fish tank requires less space compared to the larger types.
  2. They come in handy in decorating one’s space.
  3. They are easier to clean.
  4. Are very portable such that one can decide to travel with one

Cons of 5 gallon fish tank

  1. It can only accommodate a limited number and species of fish.
  2. If not well maintained the fish might die or it can even break.

10 Gallon fish tank

This fish tank holds approximately 38 liters of water. This is one of the most common sizes of fish tank for most beginners in the business of keeping fish as pets. Fish species suitable for 10 gallon fish tank. The following fish species can thrive well in a 10 gallon fish tank. They include: Betta fish, Honey Gourami, Sparkling Gourami, Endler’s Livebearer, Dwarf Livebearer and Dwarf Rasborar. There are many more species of fish that can be accommodated here just to mention but a few. Some of the examples of 10 gallon fish tanks include: 10-gallon Marina Style Aquarium Kit, 10-gallon All Glass Aquarium Tank among others.

Pros of a 10 gallon fish tank

  1. Can accommodate a larger number and species of fish.
  2. Quite easy to clean as compared to larger sizes.
  3. Perfectly decorates one’s space.

Cons of a 10 gallon fish tank

  1. Requires a larger space to keep.
  2. If not well taken care of, it can easily break.

20 gallon fish tank

A 20 gallon fish tank can approximately hold 75 liters of water. Suitable fish species for 20 gallon fish tank. The following fish species are suitable for a 20 gallon fish tank. They include: Cory catfish, Neon tetra, Rasbora fish, Zebra danio, Tiger barb, Dwarf Gourami, baby angelfish among others. Examples of 20 gallon fish tanks include: 20 gallon Tetra Kit, 20 gallon Marina Style Deluxe Aquarium Kit among others.

Pros of 20 gallon fish tank

  1. These tanks can accommodate a wider variety of fish species.
  2. A well designed 20 gallon fish tank can compliment well with one’s interior décor.
  3. Can accommodate more than one species of fish.

Cons of 20 gallon fish tank

  1. Requires a lot of water which might be a problem in areas with limited water supply.
  2. Requires a larger storing space, this might be a problem if your space is small.

30 gallon fish tank

A 30 gallon fish tank can accommodate a lot of fish species which include: Black Tetras, Pristellas, Blood characin, Corydoras catfish, and Raphael catfishes among other species. Examples of 30 gallon fish tank on Amazon: Sea Clear 30 gallon Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, Pentagon Aqua Tower 30 Gallon Aquarium Set among others.

Pros of 30 gallon fish tank

  1. This gallon fish tank has the capacity to hold more fish species.
  2. It can be used for decoration of one’s space as it compliments with most interior décor.
  3. It boosts the aesthetic value of one’s household.

Cons of 30 gallon fish tank

  1. This fish tank requires a lot of water which might not be easy to get.
  2. If not well maintained, many fish can die at once.

55 gallon fish tank

A 55 gallon fish tank has much more space as compared to the above fish tanks; it will therefore accommodate the most species of fish. The species suitable for this size of fish tank include: Cory catfish, Plecostomus, Loaches, Cherry and Ghost Shrimp, Gourami, Angelfish, Neons, Cherry Barbs, Guppies, Swordtail, Mollies, Zebra Danio among others. Examples of 55 gallon fish tank include: 55 gallon All glass aquarium tank, Perfecto Manufacturing 55 gallon Aquarium Tank among others.

Pros of 55 gallon fish tank

  1. This gallon fish tank can accommodate a lot of fish species.
  2. With such a big aquarium, one can have such a magnificent view and decoration in their home.

Cons of 55 gallon fish tank

  1. More water is needed in order for the aquarium to work efficiently.
  2. This tank requires more care in terms of maintenance as compared to smaller types.


Investing in a gallon fish tank is more than an investment in term of money and time. You will get the most out of your tank if you get the size that you can manage comfortably. You can get one as a gift to your loved one especially as a new year special gift.

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