The best ceiling fans are the ones that are going to keep you cool at the least cost and noise. There are some considerations that will help you buy the best large outdoor ceiling fans for your space. Usually, outdoor ceiling fans are grouped into two namely, damp location and wet location fans. The damp location ceiling fans are usually meant to cover the outdoors for example the patio or porch. The design on the fan will be in such a way that it will be protected even if it rains or if exposed to any other elements. The wet location fans are for areas that have high humidity or extreme hot and cold temperatures.

There are some factors that you should look out for to get the best performance out of your large outdoor ceiling fans. There are five basic criteria that you should look at when choosing the best fan and they include:

  1. Quality: This has to do with how well the fan is made considering the smoothness and also the quietness of the fan. How long the fan is going to last is equally as important.
  2. Airflow (CFM): A good ceiling fan produces roughly over 7,100 CFM of airflow.
  3. Efficiency (CFM / Watts): The efficiency rating of the fan should be roughly 360 CFM/Watt. This kind of fan will spread high enough wind speeds that will cover a large area which will make the airflow will be concentrated.
  4. Electricity Use (Watts): 20 watts of electricity should be average electricity use of the fan.
  5. Wind Speed (MPH): Speeds of over 5 MPH are desirable, if you are to also consider the energy use of the fan.

large outdoor ceiling fans

It is important that you do not base your decision solely on how the fan looks rather the above features, the CFM being the most important of them all.
The features that you should consider when buying large outdoor ceiling fans include:

  1. Blade Size: It is advisable that you do not use small blades because the compact design will not be able to push enough air. It is also important to consider the quality of material that the blades have been made of depending on your preference. However, the longer lasting blades are made of wood even though wood is pricier than other materials.
  2. Lights: If you can get a fan to do both refreshing you with a breeze as well as brightening up the room, the better you will enjoy the fan.
  3. Reversible: MotorThis means that the fan should be able to spin both ways to get the best results.
  4. Speed Settings: There should be a minimum of 3 speed settings on the fan. This enables you to control the movement of air depending on the temperatures of any given day.
  5. Energy Rating: The best fans are energy star rated which will help you control the increase of your utility bills.
  6. Prices Usually: The best fans are not necessarily over-priced. You must ensure that you are getting the best value for money by ensuring the fan has the above features.

A fan that is well engineered will take into account all the above features and factors. It is important that you check if the fan manufacturer has included the mandatory precision testing. This will help you choose the right fan to take care of your needs. Buy the best large outdoor ceiling fan today!

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