There is nothing heavenly like refreshing yourself in the morning after waking up or even in the evening after having a long day at work. Taking a bath in the morning energizes you and psyches you up to start your day in the best way possible. In the evening, taking a shower enables one to relax and get rejuvenated. In order to accomplish all these, one needs a bathroom. A bathroom that has a pleasant fresh smell will automatically be a haven for anyone who needs to freshen up. Due to frequent use of the bathroom it leads to accumulation of moisture, this increases the tendency for your bathroom walls to grow moulds, mildew or even 'fog’ on the bathroom mirror. There is also a possibility of the bathroom developing an unpleasant smell. It is because of this that one needs to install their bathroom with a bathroom ventilation fan so as to save the situation. Such a fan is able to get rid of the unpleasant air and also prevent the growing of moulds in your bathroom.

bathroom ventilation fan

What to look out for when selecting a bathroom ventilation fans

For one to get value for their money he/she should put the following into consideration when shopping for a bathroom ventilation fan:

1. Noise

Select a fan that can operate quietly without making a lot of noise. Fan noise is denoted by sones. Therefore to ensure that your fan is not noisy, settle for one that has been rated from 1.5 to 2.0 sones. Any fan that goes beyond 2.0 sones is quite noisy.

2. Size

For maximum efficiency, select a bathroom ventilation fan based on the size of your bathroom. Since the size of a fan is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) ensure that if your bathroom is large you select a fan that has a greater CFM and vice versa.

3. Timer

To ensure that your bathroom is frequently aerated by your ventilation fan, it is advisable to select a bathroom ventilation fan that has a timer. This timer will turn on the fan whenever a person enters the bathroom such that when the person leaves the fan is able to get rid of air and moisture for the time set. Hence there will be no problem if someone forgets to switch the fan on.

4. Type

If you’re planning to install your bathroom fan above the shower in order to ensure that the humidity from the shower is taken care of, select a fan that is damp-rated. This to be sure that water from the shower does not interfere with the components of a fan if it is not damp-rated.

5. Warranty

Choose a bathroom ventilation fan that has a longer lasting warranty. This will ensure that the quality of the fan is good and also assurance of replacement in case it becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty time.

6. Reputation

Select a brand that is popular and has more positive client reviews in terms of quality, and also its operation. This will give you an upper hand in getting the best.

7. Installation

Read the provided manual carefully on installation to determine whether you can do it yourself or you will need help. If you can’t install it yourself you can ask for help from the sales person.

8. Energy efficiency

To ensure that you don’t incur increased electricity bills, select a ventilation fan that is Energy Star rated since they are known to use less energy as compared to other fans.

9. Budget

Before selecting a ventilation fan, ensure that you know the amount of money you want to spend on the fan, hence select from the fans that match with your budget.


Advantages of a bathroom ventilation fan

1. A ventilation fan helps to remove moisture and bad smell from the bathroom thus preventing growth of molds.

2. With a good ventilation fan, the bathroom mirrors are protected from unnecessary fog.

3. With a ventilation fan one can easily be saved from extra maintenance cost of the bathroom. Such as painting due to paint peeling due to moisture on the bathroom walls.

4. There will be reduced health problems such as asthma in the house hold due to frequent fresh air brought in by the fan.

5. A bathroom fan can also help in cooling the bathroom especially during hot summer period.



A bathroom ventilation fan is suitable for ensuring that the bathroom has a pleasant smell and also prevention of mold growth. A ventilation fan is also suitable for people who have asthma and breathing problems since it is able to bring in fresh air. The fan is suitable for cooling effect especially during hot summer periods. There are many types of bathroom ventilation fans at different prices on

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