Hunter Ceiling Fans: Best Hunter Ceiling Fans Reviews 2017

Adverse effects of global warming and general change in climate has really affected the quality and freshness of life that people need and were used to. The temperatures are extremely high in summer and they extremely drop when it comes to winter. Such effects on weather leads to a lot of discomfort among people and sometimes it always lead to some chronic diseases such as asthma. It can also lead to one being exposed to dangerous irritations of the skin such as blisters or even rashes. It is at this point that a hunter ceiling fans can come in very hand. Apart from the fact that ceiling fans circulate air and regulate temperatures during summers and winters, ceiling fans are also very essential for decorating one’s home.

hunter ceiling fans

Features of the best hunter ceiling fans

Hunter ceiling fans have the following features which make them the best type of ceiling fans:

1. Whisperwind motors

This unique kind of motor is found in almost all types of hunter ceiling fans. This Whisperwind motor helps to move air faster and better with a special quiet performance.

2. AVT Technology

This stands for Anti Vibration Technology. This is a special and unique feature that is used to hang the hunter fans to ensure that they are sturdy and give a performance that is wobble free.

3. Three position Mounting System

This unique and incredible feature makes mounting of hunter ceiling fans a walk in the park. The positions that can be used to install these fans include: flush mounting, standard mounting and at an angled mounting position.

4. Material

Most of hunter ceiling fans are made from stainless steel material so as to ensure that they resist rust thereby being long lasting.

5. Blades

These ceiling fans come with up to 5 blades so as to ensure that they are able to circulate sufficient amount of air so as to cool a room during summer seasons and circulate in reverse mode during winter.

6. Fan Speed

Most of hunters ceiling fans are designed to have three types of fan speeds that one can comfortably choose from. They include high, medium and low fan speeds.

7. Energy Star Rating

This is such a unique and a very important feature that hunter ceiling fans have. This energy star rating ensures that the ceiling fan utilizes less energy thereby cutting down on the electricity costs.

8. ETL Listed

This feature enables hunter ceiling fans to be able to be used both indoors and outdoors.

9. Blade pitch

Most of hunters ceiling fans come with higher degrees blade pitch so as make sure there is ideal air movement and peak performance.

Benefits of the best hunter ceiling fans

Hunter ceiling fans come with a number of benefits which include:

  1. Hunter ceiling fans can be mounted in three different positions thereby making installation very easy despite the height of the ceiling board.
  2. The best hunter ceiling fans are energy star rated; thereby they consume less energy hence reduced electricity costs.
  3. Hunter ceiling fans come with whisperwind motors which enable them to operate efficiently and quietly.
  4. The ETL rating on most of the fans enables one to use these fans both inside and outside without the fear of the fans getting damaged due to rain or moisture.
  5. The stainless steel used in making the fans ensures that they are not corrosive.
  6. Hunter ceiling fans are made with an anti vibration technology which ensures that they don’t wobble and therefore work effectively.


Hunter ceiling fans are suitable for the household during summer seasons. They are also suitable for decorative purposes as they come in many different beautiful finishes. Some of the best Hunter ceiling fans from Amazon include: Hunter 60’’ Ambrose Bowl Light Ceiling fan, Hunter Fan 44’’Snow White Finish Ceiling fan. More Hunter ceiling fans are available on Amazon with different prices and specifications that one can comfortably choose from.

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