A ceiling fan blade is basically a device implemented to move large amounts of air at slow speed to create a cool or warm breeze. They are usually used in low humid areas to maintain a comfortable temperature. Ceiling fan blades replacement come in deifferent sizes. The sizes usually range from as low as 18 inch to as large as 72 inch blade span. The most common type of ceiling fan is 52 inch fan. The size of a ceiling fan can be determined by simply measuring the tip of one blade and moving all the way across to the tip of another blade. In other words, measurement can be determined by measuring the tip of one blade to the center of the fan and multiplying the number by two.

Most people are unable to determine which ceiling fan blade size to buy. There are some key factors that can be considered before purchasing the best ceiling fans. One factor that can be put into consideration is the size of the room. Large rooms with very high ceilings require fans with a bit bigger blade size, ranging from 65-80 inch in order to generate enough air movement and create a cooling breeze. Smaller rooms and medium sized rooms can be incorporated with a 36-42 inch and 44-54 inch ceiling sized blades respectfully.

Another factor that can be considered when purchasing a ceiling fan are control keys. It is a good idea to choose a ceiling fan that is easy to operate and especially one that enables you to change the speed of the fan. You could consider about ceiling fans with lights also.

In addition to that, location should also be a factor to consider. It can be placed where you spend most of your time. Home owners can also consider the ceiling fan blade direction especially during winter or summer as it can change the temperature of your home. A ceiling fan blade should spin in clockwise direction during winter and during summer,it should spin in anti-clockwise direction. This works in such a way that in one direction, air is pushed down to creat a summer breeze and the other direction air sucked to help in distributing heat during winter.

Typically, to assist you in this, most fans are fitted with remote controls and wall controls that adjust in the direction in which the fan blades rotate. In relation to ceiling fan blades, blade size arms can be bought as a separate part to keep the fan balanced. When purchasing, you are asked to specify if it a standard blade size or a hugger. In order for you to select a blade arm, measurements should be taken from the center to center of the screw hole and size of the old blade arm holes.

In conclusion, every human being has his or her own tastes and preferences. Most people opt to purchase ceiling fan blade covers to change the plain appearance and add character to the interior of the room. Standard size ceiling fan blade covers are machine washable, very light in terms of weight and practical when it comes to fitting meaning it can be fitted in a matter of minutes. They vary in different designs and colours and can be interchanged from time to time depending on the occasion.

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