Best Walk In Tubs 2017 - Top Rated Walk In Tubs Reviews 2017

Taking a shower is something that is very refreshing, invigorating and also relaxing. In order to relax especially after a hard and tiring day, it is very vital that your bathroom that have certain fixtures. Modern bathrooms have been equipped with very many different items and features that ensure one gets the best showering experience ever. From different types of overhead showers, dehumidifiers, bathroom sink faucets, bathroom vanities and also bath tubs. From the contemporary bath tubs, there has been a new crop up of Walk In Tubs. These Walk In Tubs are very vital especially for the aged, children and the disabled.

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Features to look out for in the best Walk in tubs 2017

Walk In Tubs come with a number of features which include:

1. Seat size and height

The seat of a walk in bathroom should be large enough for comfort and for easy use the seat should be 17 inches high. Low seats are very difficult to stand up from.

2. In-built water heater

The activation of the water heater should be automatic. This feature is very important as it ensures that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the water temperature while enjoying your bath.

3. Ozone sanitizer

This feature is very essential in a walk in bathroom as it works to sterilize and destroy any bacteria. This feature also helps in creating a longer lasting tub and also reduces the maintenance cost.

4. Door system technology

A walk in tub door needs to include a water-tight seal which is able to withstand temperature changes and continuous moisture exposure. The door handle type should have an ergonomic design for minimal effort maneuvering.

5. Draining system

A walk in tub draining system should have the ability to get rid of water from the tub at a faster rate than the typical drain.

6. Hydrotherapy options

This is a type of healing that is carried by water. A walk in tub with this feature helps in treating ailments such as joint pain, diabetes, back pain, insomnia among other ailments. The more jets the walk in bathroom has the better as it gives a better hydro massage.

7. Textured floor

So as to prevent slipping walk in tubs come with textured floor surfaces.

8. Anti-scald valve

This feature in a walk in bathroom tub helps to regulate the water temperature by evenly mixing cold and hot water so as to prevent scalds from very hot water.

9. Aromatherapy

Walk in tubs with this feature have a special diffuser where essential oils are added in order to bring nice scents and create a spa-like experience.

10. Neck-rest Spa Pillow

This feature in a walk in tub enables one to comfortably lounge in peace and relaxation while enjoying the warm bath releasing any pain or tension.

Benefits of the best Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in bath tubs have a number of benefits which include:

  1. The best walk in bath tub is very convenient especially after a long tiring day, as one will not have to step over the wall to get into the bath tub.
  2. Walk in tubs are very safe for children senior citizens and also the handicapped as they don’t risk falling in the tub when entering or exiting.
  3. Walk in bath tubs offer different therapeutic options which are very luxurious such include aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and hydrotherapy among others.
  4. Walk in tubs saves on money since every one can use the tub no matter their condition. This cuts down the cost of care givers. The maintenance cost of these walk in tubs is also very low.


The Best Walk In Tubs 2017 are suitable especially for the elderly and the handicapped as they will not have to climb the wall so as to get into the bath tub. They are also suitable for offering different kinds of therapies such as hydro therapy that help to treat joint pain among other diseases. Some of the best walk-in bathrooms from Amazon include: Deluxe Hydrotherapy Walk in Bath tub, Healthsmart Walk-in Bath tub. More options can be found from Amazon and other outlets based on the budget and preference of the buyer.

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