Best Shower Head 2017 - Top Rated Rain Shower Head Reviews 2017

Taking a shower is one of the basic aspects of personal grooming that everyone must embrace. Apart from getting rid of physical dirt from one’s body, taking a shower has a way of relaxing one’s muscles. A warm invigorating shower in the morning helps to freshen up someone in order to have the much required energy to tackle the activities of the day. A shower at night helps in relaxing one’s body and nerves giving them a rest from the day’s activities. Invention of shower heads has modified the shower taking process and made it quite a unique and enjoyable experience. One of the types of shower heads available in the market is the best rain shower head 2017.

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Features of the best Rain Shower Head 2017

The following are some of the features in a rain shower head that a person should not over look:

1. Size of the shower head

Rain shower heads come in different sizes. A wider shower head is the best as it ensures you get a wider coverage when taking your shower.

2. Finish

Most of the rain shower heads come in a variety of finishes that complements different types of bathroom styles. These include chrome, bronze, antique brass, stainless steel among others. It is advisable to look for finishes which are rust resistant.

3. Installation type

Rain shower heads come either as wall mounted or ceiling mounted depending on the existing plumbing set up. Though most of the rain shower heads are ceiling mounted for a realistic rain effect.

4. Flow rate

Rain shower heads come with different water flow rate. For more energy and water saving it is an ideal idea to invest in a rain shower head that has a low flow rate. The standard flow rate for rain shower heads is 2.5 gallons per minute at a standard water pressure level of 80 pounds per square inch.

5. Shape of the water nozzle

Rain shower head nozzles come in different shapes including rectangular, square and circular water nozzle. For a wider coverage, all of the different shaped nozzles come with broader and widely distributed holes for a wider coverage.

6. Control

This feature is very vital in any rain shower head as it helps in regulating the water flow, intensity, flow pattern as well as control the temperature of the water.

7. Adjustments

Some rain shower heads are designed in a way to allow users to adjust the arm rest and shower head to favorable positions.

8. LED feature

These types of rain shower heads come with LED shower heads that provide adjustable mood matching illumination that can convert your bathroom shower into a disco and make your showering experience exciting.

9. Spray design and settings

Some rain shower heads come with multiple spray settings and more advanced spray designs. The settings include: powerful massage, drenching and mist settings.

Benefits of the best rain shower head 2017

Best bathroom rain shower heads come with a number of benefits which include:

  1. Rain shower water heads are designed in such a way that makes the showering experience more relaxing and exciting. This is because water flows from the top of the head trickling down the body.
  2. Modern rain shower heads are broad and have many holes so as to ensure that water flows to a wider coverage.
  3. Rain shower heads come in different style and finishes which beautifies one’s bathroom while at the same time boost the aesthetic value of the bathroom.
  4. Rain shower heads that come with a water flow restrictor valve help in regulating the amount of water and energy being used.
  5. Rain shower heads are wider than traditional shower heads thereby offering a more luxurious, spa-like showering experience.


The best rain shower heads are suitable for body massage and relaxation. Since they come in different styles and finishes they are suitable in decorating one’s bathroom. Some examples of rain shower heads on Amazon include: Wantba 6 inches High Pressure rain shower head, Yoo.mee High pressure hand held rain shower head. More models can be found on Amazon at different prices depending on your budget.


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