Best Bathroom Faucets 2017 - Top Rated Bathroom Faucets Reviews 2017

The bathroom is such an important place in any household. This is where most of personal grooming literally takes place. From bathing, brushing our teeth, washing our faces at night and even shaving unwanted hairs from our body. Modern bathrooms these days have been developed and pampered in such a way that they give comfort and relaxation to whoever is using them. Technology has moved into the bathroom in terms of modern bath tubs, overhead showers, ceiling fans, dehumidifiers and even modern well designed bathroom faucets. Best Bathroom Faucets 2017 are mainly utilized on the bathroom sinks for brushing teeth, washing hands and even beard shaving among men. There is also the bath tub faucet which is used for adding water into the bathtub.

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Features to look for in the Best Bathroom Faucets 2017

Installing the correct type of faucet in your bathroom can make your bathroom look way much luxurious and appealing to whoever will be using it. The following features are very important to consider when shopping for the best bathroom faucets 2017:

1. Faucet type

Best Bathroom Faucets 2017 always come in four types these are:

  • Single-hole faucet - This combines the spout and mixing handle into a single unit that requires only one sink hole.
  • Center- set faucet - This faucet fits into a standard three –hole sink. The outer holes are always drilled 4 inches apart.
  • Widespread mounts - These faucets have three separate pieces. That is two handles and a spout. The standard distance between the handles is 8 inches.
  • Wall mount faucets - As the name suggests, these faucets are mainly fixed on the wall.

2. Pull out spray

This is a spray head or spout tip which is mostly attached to a pull out hose. This feature is very helpful when it comes to washing hair or even washing the sink.

3. Anti-scald valve

This feature in a facet is very important especially if you have kids or elderly parents in the house. It is a safety feature that balances the flow of hot and cold water to deliver a preset water temperature all the time.

4. Finish

Modern faucets come with different finishes that offers durability. Some of the finishes available include Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Gold, and Stainless Steel among others.

5. Adjustable flow-rate restrictor

This feature in a faucet is very vital especially if you live in areas where there is a limited water supply. This feature helps in regulating the amount of water that is being used.

6. Aerator

This is a small screen on the end of a faucet which allows air into the water stream so as to soften the stream and make it splash less.

7. Handles

Different faucets come with different number and type of handles. They include: Single handle, Lever handle, Cross handle. Knob Handle, Double handle and Automatic handle faucets.

Benefits of Best Bathroom Faucets 2017

Bathroom faucets have a number of benefits which include:

  1. A beautiful and well designed bathroom faucet improves the aesthetic value of your home.
  2. Bathroom faucets are very important for brushing of teeth and also shaving of hair.
  3. Bathroom faucets that come with a pull out spray are ideal for washing one’s hair and also the sink.
  4. Models with adjustable flow rate restrictor help in saving water especially in areas where there is continuous water scarcity.
  5. Units with anti-scald valve help in preventing burning of kids who don’t know how to effectively use them.


Best Bathroom Faucets 2017 are suitable for brushing teeth, washing hands after visiting the washroom and also beard shaving. They are also suitable for bringing a sense of luxury and boosting the aesthetic value of one’s bathroom. Some of bathroom faucets found in Amazon include; Delta Windemere Two handle center set bathroom faucet, Greenspring Center set Single Handle bathroom faucet. There are many more models available based on your preference and budget.


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